Wave Energy: Level 1


Wave energy has a huge potential, but the amount of installations worldwide are still limited. What is the reason behind that? Why did many concepts fail? Is it possible at all to extract energy from the waves? The purpose of the course is to answer these questions and, at the same time, provide the participants with the basic knowledge needed to understand the technology. The course is spread over 5 days and will cover the history behind wave energy, the most common solutions adopted, the limitations of these machines and the good practices to follow when designing a wave energy installation.

Wave Energy: Level 1

Participants will get a good understanding of the environment these machinery should operate in and on the forces involved. Furthermore, principles of design and testing will be covered with a learn-by-doing approach, meaning that participants will build scale models, which they will be tested in real-life conditions. The course is the first step of a three-level series and it is a prerequisite to advance in level. At the end of the course Folkecenter will issue a certificate of completion, which will prove that the participants have learned and understood the fundamentals of renewable energy.

Wave Energy course - Benefits

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Overall Program

Wave energy course - Program

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Wave energy Course Folkecenter
The full program can be downloaded here (PDF reader required).

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Important Dates

Wave Energy course - Important dates

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Enrollment Fee

The purpose of the course is to form people on renewable energies, no matter what background do they come from; for this reason, the enrollment fee is designed to be as affordable as possible. We strongly support the participation of young and senior people, but also we want to encourage the presence of women in the renewable energy field and we want to do that by making the program more accessible to them. The table below summarizes the different enrollment fees.

Wave energy course - Prices
Wave energy course - Conditions

Please, note that in case the minimum number of students is not reached, the course will be cancelled and the course fee will be refunded to the participants. Please, note that Folkecenter will not refund any other expense the participant has undergone through (e.g. transportation, accommodation, etc.).

In case of cancellation, participants will be informed no later than 15 days before the course starts.

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Are you a Woman?

There are too few women in the renewable energy technical field! As Folkecenter, we would like to do our part to increase their participation in the industry and we want to do so by providing them with a discount on our educational programs. Please, visit the Enrollment fee section.

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Payment Options

It is also possible to pay the course fee in two or three instalments. The following tables represent the financing plans available:

Two-months Plan:

Wave energy course - Two Months

Three-months Plan:

Wave energy course - Three Months

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Give it as a Gift!

Do you know someone who could be interested in our course? Surprise her/him by purchasing a course voucher! The beneficiary will have the chance to join our course for free. Please, note that we will need a confirmation whether the participant will join the March edition or a later one. For further information, please visit our FAQ section.


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Registration & Cancellation

Registration to the course must be done here and the deadline for it is February 15, 2020. Please, note that there is a maximum number of participants: places will be assigned based on the first come/first served policy. In case the minimum participant number is not reached, the course will be cancelled. Participants will be notified latest 15 days before the first day of classes and the full course fee will be refunded. Please, note that Folkecenter will not refund any other expense the participant has undergone through (e.g. transportation, accommodation, etc.). :.

Participants can cancel their registration by writing a mail to Daniele Pagani, dp@folkecenter.dk. Please, note that the following policies apply:

Wave energy Course - Cancellation

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Meet the Instructor

Christian Nereus Grant

Christian Nereus Grant
He has an education as technical designer and have been working for long time in the wave energy field. He has been site manager for the Wavestar platform in Hanstholm and worked also for Dexawave, after which he founded OctoMar Aps, a consulting company working with wave installations. At the moment, he collaborates with different wave projects (Nemos, Reesen Weves and Wavepiston) and is president of the Wave Energy Association and board member of the Partnership for Wave Power. With a daily work at DanWEC as a site manager, he has a unique position in understanding the challenges wave developers are in.

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The course is for anyone who has an interest in knowing more about wave energy
There are no specific prerequisites. Please, consider that since the course is taught in English, a sufficient level of the language is expected.
Yes, all participants will be awarded with a certificate proofing the accomplishment of the course.
Yes, registration can be cancelled and a refund will be provided based on the policies explained in the Registration and Cancellation section.
Yes, you just need to start the enrollment process and then specify it is for another person. Please, note that the price differences still apply (e.g. student and women discounts). We do not require you to provide us with documentation supporting the discounts, but the beneficiary should contact us with the relevant proofs.
Depends on which group do you belong to. For more info, please see the Enrollment Fee section.
Yes, we offer two- and three-months plans. Please, see the Payment Options section
Vouchers have validity up to the 31 december 2020. However, we require the beneficiary to inform us before the 15 February 2020 if she/he is not planning to join the March session.
Board and lodging (besides lunches) are not included. A (non-exhaustive) list of accommodations nearby Folkecenter can be found here. Folkecenter might also have some accommodation available, so you are welcome to enquire it when registering. Please, note that students will have the precedence.

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For any additional question related to the course, please contact Mr. Daniele Pagani, dp@folkecenter.dk.

To enroll in the program click here.

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