2nd International Conference on Small and Medium Wind Energy


This four-day event gathered international experts from all over the world to discuss about the potential of small and medium wind energy, their testing & certification needs and their role for stand-alone and off-grid systems in the Arctic region and in other rural areas. The conference also covered the topics related to the new grid codes and how do they affect manufacturers' decisions. A special focus will be put on Europe. The aim of this conference was to help developing policies to support the growth of this industry.



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Title: International Small Wind Market Status and Opportunities
Speaker: Jean-Daniel Pitteloud, World Wind Energy Association, Germany


Title: General Updating of Off-grid solutions and on the Challenges for Small Wind
Speaker: Tonny Brink, Folkecenter testsite for small wind turbines, Denmark

Title: New Testfield in Hundborg
Speaker: Anker Mardal, Folkecenter testsite for small wind turbines, Denmark

Title: Small wind in telecom and very small wind in IoT
Speaker: Frits Ogg, O2G Sustainable Energy Solutions/Windtech-International, the Netherlands

Title: Renewable Energy in Remote Microgrids
Speaker: Rolf Sloth, Nukissiorfiit, Greenland

Title: Swedish Development of Wind Technology for Off-Grid
Speaker: Sven Ruin, TEROC, Sweden


Title: Case study for a small wind turbine farm in Egypt
Speaker: Salah Ibrahim, Arab Consulting Office, Egypt


Title: Pico, nano, micro, milli and macrogrids - what's in a name -and wind turbines
Speaker: Frits Ogg, O2G Sustainable EnergySolutions/Windtech-International, the Netherlands

Title: SINN Power: Wave Energy Technology and Electrical Components for Off-grid Applications
Speaker: Christopher Biermann, SINN Power, Germany

Title: Workable Solutions for Arctic Conditions: Project Greenland
Speaker: Ulrich Høgenhaven, Viking Wind, Denmark

Title: Workable Solutions for Arctic Conditions: Project Greenland
Speaker: Carsten Lauridsen, Solid Wind Power, Project Greenland, Denmark

Title: Storage Solutions
Speaker: Niels Martin Jørgensen, CIRKEL Energi A/S, Denmark

Title: Small Wind in the Netherlands,
Speaker: Sjouke Ritsema, E.A.Z. Wind, the Netherlands




Title: THY WindPower Hybrid System
Speaker: Anker Mardal, THY WindPower (THY møllen), Denmark


Jean-Daniel Pitteloud

Jean-Daniel Pitteloud, World Wind Energy Association, Germany
has been working for the World Wind Energy Association since 2010. Currently he holds the position of Market Research and Development Manager. He is also coordinator of all WWEA small wind activities. Since 2012, Jean-Daniel has been deeply involved in the collection of statistical information related to small wind energy. Also, liaising with the small wind industry and technical stakeholders for improving the small wind sector. Jean-Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and Renewable Energy Management and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineer.

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Ginio Franker
Ginio Franker, ZENtrepreneur, Belgium

As a Sustainable video blogger , Ginio provides technical assistance in hosting keynote speakers + seminars in Webinars or e-learning programs to your audience, moreover he will e-mail his global professionals from HSEQ, CSR, CEOs, SDGs, ESG’s, PRI, and Green Bond investors, as well.

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Frits Ogg

Frits Ogg, O2G Sustainable Energy Solutions / Windtech-International, the Netherlands

Frits Ogg, born in Maastricht 1954 now living in Nijmegen (Netherlands) is a guest lecturer, investigating journalist and consultant in the field of water and energy conservation, sustainable energy and automation. He was Co-founder of the Dutch organisation for sustainable energy (ODE) in 1978. Frits Ogg specialises in sustainable emergency energy supply, small bio-gas, photo-voltaics, small wind and community wind. He was formerly editor in chief of WindNieuws (in Dutch) and has a degree in education (electrical), industrial marketing and industrial engineering. He worked for the largest wind cooperation in the Netherlands “De windvogel” and writes for several Dutch industrial magazines and in the english language for Windtech-International and the WWEA (wwindea.org). As a HAM radio operator he is on the air with the call PA2LIA. More can be found on his LinkedIn page and under @fishfrogg on Twitter.

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Galal Osman

Galal Osman, College of Engineering, Mansoura University, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Eng. Galal Osman has a MSc. in Engineering (1971) and a PhD in Engineering (1974) from the University of Cairo, Egypt. Throughout his carrer, he has been involved in many works related with renewable energy and education. Currently teaching at the College of Engineering, Mansoura University, he is internationally involved in promoting renewable energy, being the president of the Egypt Wind Association (since 1986) and the vice president of the World Wind Association (since 2002). Additionally, he has participated to all the World Wind Energy conferences and he is board member of different global renewable energy institutes.

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Anker Mardal

Anker Mardal, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark

Educated as an electro-mechanic, Anker Mardal has worked for most of his career in the electrical and electronical sectors. After a practical placement in Bang & Olufsen, a well know Danish company producing entertainment, he was involved in the development of short-wave radio devices, in Aalborg. Next, he designed electronic circuits for a company in Thisted and collaborated with the development of solar panels for Jysk Solenergi. Currently, he is collaborating with THYmøllen, a local company producing small windmills (6 and 10 kW) and he is responsible for the data collection system of the Danish Test and Resources Center for Small Wind Turbines, operated by Nordic Folkecenter.

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Rolf Sloth

Rolf Sloth, Nukissiorfiit, Greenland

Rolf Sloth works as Special Advisor for Hydropower in Nukissiorfiit – the national utility company of Greenland. Rolf has been employee in the company for three years, managing feasibility studies for hydropower and other renewable energy project such as solar and wind projects. The last 10 years Rolf has worked for utility companies and has been involved in varies projects mainly regarding design, installation, operation and inspection of main components in CHP plants

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Tonny Brink

Tonny Brink, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark

Educated as a Marine Engineer, he is Folkecenter’s Chief Technical Director. He has got 35 years of experience in the international wind industry, working for Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Folkecenter. This has provided him with broad knowledge in service and maintenance site management and construction and operational project management. Hold positions and responsibilities (among others): Travel Technician, Site Manager, Logistics Coordination, Area Service Manager, Technical After Sales/Customer Reporting, Technology Transfer, Project Management and Execution Leader.

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Finn Jensen

Finn Jensen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Finn Jensen holds an M.Sc.Eng in Electrical Energy Technology from Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark. He has worked for Danfoss, Siemens and Grundfos with product development in the electrical area, focusing on energy savings. He is the author and co-author of 10 papers and holder of 9 patents. He has been chairman of Danish Standard committee S502 Rotating Electrical Machines and member of IEC TC2 and several workgroups under IEC/CENELEC writing standards on energy classification and measurements. He is now an assistant professor at Aarhus University School of Engineering in Electrical Energy Technology, focusing on development of sustainable electrical energy production and smart use of electrical energy.

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Sjouke Ritsema

Sjouke Ritsema, E.A.Z. Wind

Sjouke Ritsema is educated as industrial Design engineer and he is Co-founder of E.A.Z. Wind. His main interests are energy, agriculture and windsurfing. He is a former Folkecenter trainee and frequent visitor.

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Mert Sugür

Mert Sugür, Windagrotech, Turkey

Mert Sugür is Project Manager of Windagrotech. He is a 24 year-old Material Engineering student in Istanbul Technical University and he worked on entrepreneurship projects since 2015. His main field of interest is projects with social impacts. Worked on projects for Sustainable Development Goals for last two years.

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Atilla Öztürk

Atilla Öztürk, Windagrotech
Atilla Öztürk is Co-founder of Windagrotech, Inventor and Entrepreneur. Born in 1970, Turkish, he is an experienced entrepreneur who cares about the environment and believes that he can make positive changes for the energy industry system with his innovation.

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Jannik Kappel

Jannik Kappel, Alaska
Jannik Kappel is an expert on renewable energy in arctic regions. He has worked in Greenland for five years as a manager of R&D and a technical projekt manager. His main interest lies with renewable energy projects. He has worked on a project to develop a road map for making Greenland 100 % independent of fossil fuels. His focus is on the economic feasibility of projects and to provide policy makers with knowledge to make educated decisions on energy related matters. He is currently working with Alaska Center for Energy and Power in Fairbanks as well as Cordova Electric Cooperation in Cordova, Alaska. Jannik holds a master of science in engineering (cand.scient.techn) from the Technical University of Denmark.

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