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Title: 60 Years of District Heating: CHP plants, Solar heating and Electricity-to-heat
Speaker: Kim Behnke, Deputy Director, Danish District Heating Association
Keywords: District heating, CHP, electricity-to-heat, solar


Title: Social Aspects of Renewable Energy: Keys for Optimising the Transition
Speaker: Leire Gorroño Albizu, Nordic Folkecenter & Aalborg University
Keywords: Community Power, Energy Transition, Social


Title: Energy Vision for 2050
Speaker: Jakob Z. Thellufsen, Assistant Professor, Aalborg University
Keywords: Energy Transition


Title: Central vs. Decentral: Success and Challenges of Household Wind and Solar. The Small Wind Test Center
Speaker: Tonny Brink, CTO, Nordic Folkecenter
Keywords: Decentral systems, wind, small wind, solar, system-integration


Title: Global Energy System Based on 100% Renewable Energy Power Sector
Speaker: Galal Osman, Vice-President, World Wind Energy Association
Keywords: Energy Transition, 100% Renewables, MENA, Egypts


Title: Hybrid Systems for Renewable Energy Systems Optimization
Speaker: Morten Victor Petersen, CEO, Victor Energy
Keywords: Energy transition, wind, biogas, hydrogen, biogas upgrading, hybrid systems


Title: Purix: Plug & Play Solar District Cooling
Speaker: Lars Munkøe, CEO, Purix
Keywords: Cooling, PV, District Cooling, PV


Title: Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency in Egypt
Speaker: Salah Ibrahim, Technical & Commercial Manager, Arab Consulting Office
Keywords: Renewable Energy, energy efficiency, Egypt


Title: The Energy Transition and Community Power
Speaker: Leire Gorroño Albizu, Nordic Folkecenter & Aalborg University
Keywords: Community power, energy transition



The Speakers and Guides

Jane Kruse

Jane Kruse, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

Director of Folkecenter since 2013, she has 30 years of experience in renewable energy. In the second half of 1980s she started a wind cooperatives with more than 40 local families involved in it. Since 1993 she was the Head of Information and Training Programs in Folkecenter and she has been the project leader for several renewable energy projects, both in the Global North and the Global South.

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Tonny Brink

Tonny Brink, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

Educated as a Marine Engineer, he is Folkecenter’s Chief Technical Director. He has got 35 years of experience in the international wind industry, working for Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Folkecenter. This has provided him with broad knowledge in service and maintenance site management and construction and operational project management. Hold positions and responsibilities: Travel Technician, Site Manager, Logistics Coordination, Area Service Manager, Technical Support Dept., People Manager, Technical After Sales/Customer Reporting, WTG Performance and Diagnostic analysis, Communication, Planning, Controlling, Technology Transfer, Project Management and Execution Leader.

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Kim Behnke

Kim Behnke, Deputy Director for the Danish District Heating Association

He has been working with Smart Grid, Smart Energy and Smart Cities since 2004. His present focus is on power-to-heat solutions for utilization of wind power in district heating systems, usage of waste heat from industries, data storage and harvest of energy in cities for district heating and cooling in a non-fuel and integrated energy system.

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Peter Melgaard

Peter Melgaard, Expert in Power Grids

He has over 25 years of experience in power grids and was the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the local distribution grid company Thy-Mors Energi for 10 years. Currently he collaborates with Folkecenter for the improvement of mini-grids in Africa and other developing countries.

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Jakob Z. Thellufsen

Jakob Z. Thellufsen, Aalborg University

Jakob Zinck Thellufsen is an assistant professor at Aalborg University. Here he works with energy systems analysis, both on a national scale and a local scale. He works with integration of energy systems and interconnection across countries, while he has also done analysis focusing on the interplay between energy production and energy savings.

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Ole Vagn Christensen

Ole Vagn Christensen, Social Democtrats

Member of the Danish Parliament for more than 20 years, he is the Chairman of Nordic Folkecenter and an active promoter of renewable energies and community ownership in Denmark

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Henning Bo Madsen

Henning Bo Madsen, Friends of the Earth Denmark (NOAH)

Henning Bo Madsen Has been working with energy and environment since 1980. He has been employed by organisations and municipalities to promote energy savings and renewable energy. He was until April 2016 working in NOAH as coordinator of Community Power project and is now a volunteer in NOAH on Climate Justice and Energy, chair of Vestjyllands Energi-og Miljøforening and member of the Energy Council in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality. He is also working on coordinating the activities in Alliancen for Community Power i Danmark

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Leire Gorroño Albizu

Leire Gorroño Albizu, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy & Aalborg University

She holds a B.Eng. in Industrial Organization from Mondragon University, Spain, and a MSc. in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management from Aalborg University, Denmark.Her main field of interest is social aspects of renewable energy. She is specialized in community power, local development and local acceptance. She is taking a PhD on ownership models for smart energy systems at Aalborg University.

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Daniele Pagani

Daniele Pagani, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

He holds a B.Eng. in Global Business Engineering and a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from VIA University College, Denmark. His main research interests are related to sustainable mobility and applications of hydrogen in the industrial and agricultural sector.

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