Community Power and Renewable Energy Storage in Denmark and in the EU (12.12.2016)




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Title: The Future Role and Challenges of Energy Storage in the EU
Titel: Fremtidige rolle og udfordringer for energilagring i EU
Speaker:Torbjorn Olausson, EU House, Copenhagen, Denmark
Keywords: EU goals and strategies, energy efficiency, smart consumption


Title: The Potential of Community Power in Denmark and EU
Titel: Community Powers potentiale i Danmark og EU
Speaker:Henning Bo Madsen, energy expert, NOAH, Denmark
Keywords: Community power, decentralized energy production, Denmark, Europe


Title: Background of the New EU Directive: Will There Be Place for Community Power?
Titel: Baggrund for ny EU-Direktiv: Vil det indeholde Community Power?
Speaker:Leire Gorroño, Socio-Economics of Renewable Energy, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark
Keywords: Community power, new EU directive, wind energy, ownership models



Title: Solar Sun Battery
Titel: Solar Sun Battery
Speaker:Mogens Lesch, Germany
Keywords: sonnenBatterie eco, Li-Iron-Phosphate, online monitoring


Title: Storing Energy by Saving Energy: The Passive House Construction
Titel: Opbevare energy ved at spare energi: Passiv husets opbygning
Speaker:Per Clausens, Architect, MNTarkitekter, Denmark
Keywords: Passive house, energy savings, ventilation, insulation, heat pump


Title: Wave Energy as Storage
Titel: Bølgeenergi som opbevaring
Speaker:Ian Jordan, Board member, Wave Energy Association, Denmark
Keywords: wave energy, Wave Power Association, Nissum Bredning, wave machine requirements, tidal energy


Title: Solar Energy Does not Need to Be Stored: The Sun Generator
Titel: Solenergi behøves ikke at blive opbevaret: Sun Generator
Speaker:Anker Mardal, Energivagt, Denmark
Keywords: Sun Generator, PVs, DC-AC conversion, off-grid systems, energy savings, passive house


Title: EXYTRON SmartEnergy Technology
Titel: EXYTRON SmartEnergi Technology
Speaker:Mogens Lesch, Germany
Keywords: synthetic natural gas, CO2 reduction, methanol, hydrogen


Title: Vehicle to Grid: A Danish Concept
Titel: Køretøjer til nettet: Et dansk koncept
Speaker:Marjan Gjelaj, DTU Elektro, Denmark
Keywords: (V2G) Vehicle to Grid, Nordhavn project, (EVs) electric vehicles, grid integration, fast charging, smart grid


Title: Storage and Transmission of Renewable Energy Surplus in Denmark, 2015-2020 and beyond
Titel: Storage and Transmission for Vedvarende Energi Overskud i Danmark 2015-2020
Speaker:Gorm Andresen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Keywords: Super Grid, European electricity exchange, renewable energy mix, import and export of electricity


Title: Heat Pump Energy Storage System
Titel: Varmepumpe Energilagring
Speaker:Erasmus Damgaard Rothuizen, DTU, Denmark
Keywords: thermal storage, compressed air, PTES (Pumped Thermal Energy Storage)


Title: From Biogas to Biomethane through Hydrogen Utilization: a Real Case Scenario
Titel: Fra Biogas til Biomethane gennem brint: et virkeligt scenarie
Speaker:Daniele Pagani, Sustainable Mobility, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark
Keywords: Biogas upgrading, biomethane, hydrogen, electrolysis, surplus power, wind energy









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