Right after the World Wind Energy Conference 2017 in Malmö (12 - 15 June)


The study tour is designed so that you can make the most of your renewable energy visit to Denmark. Meet the energy experts, researchers, companies and communities that are making the energy transition happen. Get to know the history as well as the main topical issues. Participate in discussions and debates that will path the future. Find out and experience what you cannot find in books and articles.

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The Danish Energy System

Ambitious energy policies, high investments in innovation and a strong grass-root movement have put Denmark at the top of the world ranking for renewable energy penetration. The energy transition started back in the 70s and has resulted in the highest integration of wind power in the world, high shares of combined heat and power (CHP) plants, reduction in energy consumption, creation of thousands of jobs, decreased CO2 emissions and many social benefits. The national target is now transforming the whole energy system into 100% renewable energy by 2050.

RE Future

RE Future is an initiative that intends to make Danish know-how on the green transition accessible to the entire world. By sharing and exchanging our expertise and experiences we want to contribute to accelerate and improve the transition to sustainable societies and communities around the globe. Focused on renewable energy, we expect “2017 Edition” to be the first of many programs that will support this goal.

Nordic Folkecenter, working for a world running on 100% renewable energy since 1983!

Folkecenter is a non-profit, independent, organisation that provides research, development and testing of technology, training and information to promote the implementation of renewable energy technologies and energy savings in Denmark and internationally.

The Village for Green Research, Folkecenter’s living lab, demonstrates practical examples of integration of several energy solutions as an experimental and functional example of a future ecological society. Furthermore, Folkecenter is placed surrounded by green municipalities where a full-scale implementation of renewable energy is already at an advanced stage.